The Cup is Full!

Friday, October 12, 2018, 10 a.m.


            A couple of months ago, I was at a gathering in Pine Mountain, the small town just north of where I live. A neighbor and old friend, Gary Zuerner, was also there. He was wearing a brimmed hat about which I paid a compliment. He told me of its virtues: UV protection (UPF 50), machine washable, comfortable.

            A couple of hours ago, as I was greeting kids at the high school, Gary showed up. He had a hat for me. He had made the early morning trip to the school to deliver it. Pure gift.

            When I left the high school, I went to a short rehearsal for an upcoming gig. On the way home from that, I stopped by the post office where my box contained an ‘embarrassment of riches.’ 

            Christopher Williams sent me a copy of his new CD, “Gather.” 

            John Heerema, of Big Life Ministries, sent me two books that he knows I will enjoy reading. 

            Chip Murray, who has read The Last Sweet Milesince I met him a month ago, sent me a devotional book and a thoughtful letter about some recent experiences in his life.

            I love kind people, the sort that know the magic of surprise and actually do something with their good intentions. All my life has been the gathering room of other people’s generosity. They are the incarnation of Paul’s simple declaration, “love is kind.” They are ones I hope to be like. 

            None of the day’s benefactors expected praise or recognition. They abide by Jesus’ instruction that, when we give gifts, we are, as much as possible, to do so secretly. But I’m happy to pen a rose on them this morning, knowing that in the next few days I have pleasant hours of good songs and worthwhile books before me — enjoyed in the comfort of my sun-shielded head — because of them. 

            After what has felt at times like an endless summer, today brings our first morning of weather that feels autumnal. It’s breezy, and in the 50’s. Perfect day to put a machine washable, UV shielding hat on one’s head and work outside for a few hours before laying in the hammock and reading. 

            Off I go. 

            The cup is full.