New Normal, Old Promise

Eight weeks ago, i moved out of my house -- the house i've lived in for over twenty years -- to help my Dad care for my Mom. She was still able to get around after hip surgery back in February, but an extra set of hands seemed in order. My presence there was not a "have to" but a "get to."

Six weeks ago, i played my last concert. 

Five weeks ago today, Mom passed away.

I have a 91 year old room mate now (again not a "have to" but a "get to") and am learning to live with a different schedule, less autonomy, the presence of television, and the reality that, for awhile, transition will be an ongoing state of being.

New Normal. 

We all seem to face it from time to time in life. My guess is that some of you are there right now. My dear Dad, whose "normal" for 66 years was marriage to a spunky, industrious, plain-speaking force of nature named Hilda, is still trying to understand how a body so small can leave such a huge void behind.   

These early days of our "new" have been a bit unsettling but we trust they'll prove full of possibility and opportunity. Just might take some time to figure it out. 

It is providential that our transition begins at the time of year when promises -- some fulfilled, and others yet to come -- are the focus of our celebration. We are grateful that Jesus Christ, whose promised arrival has come to pass and whose promised return we await,  is still and forever "Emmanuel -- God with us," and that He is still willing to engage with a troubled, unwelcoming world where death, fear and brokeness are the constant normal. He is still light for us who find ourselves walking in darkness and uncertainty. He is still "joy to the world ... far as the curse is found."  

New Normal. Old promises. A good God, the same yesterday, today, forever. That's what we cling to. "Where can I go but to the Lord?" 

It's all good.

Blessings to you for Christmas.  And a thousand thanks for your prayers and kindnesses.

Allen Levi