Always Bee Singing!

When I got a phone message comparing "Bucket List" to a Gladys Knight song, I knew I had reached a new plateau in my musical life. It has been such a delight, and thoroughly entertaining, to read your thoughts on my attempt at a "motown-esque" composition. Our original idea for the video was to film a dozen or so of my favorite couples dancing to the song. That obviously didn't get done, but I have a sense that some of you danced anyway. I hope so. John and Peggy? Did you? Jimmy and Dale? Luke and Paula? Did you?  ...  Thanks for listening and for writing. Your kind words have been all sweetness.

    And speaking of sweetness. 

    I will soon take honey from my four hives. Not expecting much this year but it's always rewarding to watch gold pour into the jars. Working with bees is to behold a miracle everytime one goes into the hives. And every now and then something unexpected happens. So ...  a few months ago I caught two swarms in a week. If you don't know what that means, it's hard to explain but fascinating to watch. I caught it on film and will be posting it with the new song this weekend. It's amazing stuff, my contribution to the Nature Channel. The song is called "Please Land Low." You'll understand it when you see the film.

    Thanks again for being so good to me.

Allen LeviAllen Levi