Coach Danny Durham

In recent years, on most mornings that I’ve gone to the high school to greet the students at the back door, I myself have been greeted by Coach Danny Durham, an assistant principal and athletic director at Harris County High. He always thanks me for being there, and makes me feel like my presence there matters. His smile and good humor are two good reasons I enjoy the morning ritual so much. We talk sports, music, students, God. Even at the earliest hours of the school day, he is energetic, enthusiastic , engaged and all-in for what might unfold at Harris County High. Thursday afternoon something unfolded….After school, Danny Durham went for his regular jog. He was a picture of good health at age 54. He collapsed while running and was gone. Our little community, especially around the high school, is in mourning today. but our grief is not without hope. Danny was a strongly committed follower of Christ whose faith in and love for the Gospel was verbal, visible and vigorous. The school was his mission field, the place where he hoped to show the love of God to students who, many times, wonder if anyone cares for them at all. To friends in Harris County, God, in some curious way, has paid us a high compliment. He has obvious confidence that we can continue Danny's work, that we can somehow fill his shoes and carry on the good work that he was committed to in our community. We can honor Danny no better than by cherishing the things that he cherished and by living for those things that cannot die--the truth of the Gospel, the love of Christ, the souls of men. Please pray for wife Julie and children Jordan, Graham and Anna. ... Thank you, Lord, for Danny...Perhaps today. 

Allen Levi