Mom and Dad; "Speaking Life Everyday"

Just told my folks goodbye as I leave for a weekend gathering in North Carolina. They tell me two things every time I leave, as they do everyday — EVERYDAY — when I’m home: that they love me and they’re proud of me. And there is no doubt in my mind they mean it. …  Some would say that, at 62, I should have outgrown my appreciation of and need for such affirmation, but I haven’t.  …  You haven’t either. …  We, all of us, want to know that we’re loved and valued. My folks have scarce reason to feel as they do, oftentimes none at all, but here’s my hope: that I will return their love measure for measure (they deserve it) and that I’ll be worthy in some small way of their high opinion. Those are holy aspirations.  …   Most of you who read this are probably parents or grandparents. Remember the power of your words. Speak life into the ones you love most.

Allen Levi