Writing letters: the "old fashioned" way.

Writing letters. It's what I do most Sunday afternoons, sometimes to those who've written me but usually to the unsuspecting. i usually handwrite them. Not the kindest way to treat people but I always trust them to be forgiving.  Email and texting are more efficient, more legible, and more cost effective than old school longhand but there is something almost sacred -- like the sound of a loved one's voice -- that comes with knowing an actual hand held an actual pen and had physical connection to the paper and the words.  ...  I imagine as i sit on my porch that the scene around me -- breeze, birdsong, sunlight and dust, chime music, tree line, scent of gardenia -- all somehow gets soaked into the stationary, so that the recipient gets all of that in addition to my hierogplyphics.  ...    I'll write today, mail them tomorrow, and by Wednesday they should be delivered.  ...   Glad tidings. 

Allen Levi