Something to See


Allen has written thousands of songs, each of which convey a unique and meaningful message. We'll update this page on a regular basis to provide you a diverse view of allen's music and word. We truly hope you are encouraged after having spent some time here with him!

Allen reminds us who is responsible for this “inexhaustible source of joy” we are surrounded by every day of our lives!

Enjoy Allen’s adventure on his Harris County farm as he encourages this swarm of bees to “please land low!”

Have you found yourself dancing to Bucket List just yet? If not, perhaps it’s time to enjoy this love song…..

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Allen encouraged us to consider that this is a “Mighty Good World”? Enjoy this song.

Allen shares, with genuine emotion, his relationship with his brother Gary whose life was characterized by love, truth and faith. Listen carefully and delight in these words.