Enjoy Allen’s current video projects

Allen has written thousands of songs, each of which convey a unique and meaningful message. We'll update this page on a regular basis to provide you a diverse view of allen's music and word. We truly hope you are encouraged after having spent some time here with him!

Delightful and meaningful! How about David Wilcox’ joyous laugh. We need more of this in our hurried lives. Enjoy!


We should all be wary of getting “caught up” in the lesser things this Christmas season……….

The man in the radio

I will be glad in the Lord! It’s a choice we each can make every day.

No where else i’d rather be. Enjoy this sweet love song!

Ode to Rusty Strings

The very best view of the planet is not from outer space but rather from right here with Nora Jane!

We are each members of this precious church!

It’s always “worth another try” when others benefit from your message!

“Saying Goodbye” A particular, and frequent, challenge for our Military Families. We salute you all and thank you for your sacrifice!

Taking the time to say “thank you” to the person who spends his/her time performing duties that are often left unrecognized. “People eyes”

Choose to be just a little different. Choose to live “above the fray”. Life just may be a little more enjoyable!!

Enjoy Allen’s adventure on his Harris County farm as he encourages this swarm of bees to “please land low!”

Allen reminds us who is responsible for this “inexhaustible source of joy” we are surrounded by every day of our lives!

Have you found yourself dancing to Bucket List just yet? If not, perhaps it’s time to enjoy this love song…..

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Allen encouraged us to consider that this is a “Mighty Good World”? Enjoy this song.